In recent years Pakistan has seen and suffered damages from a number of natural disasters. Volunteers of Pakistan (VOP) is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) devoted to raise awareness and explore ways to tackle poverty, disasters, blood shortage, healthy environment, and education for all in Pakistan.

Our societies could not drive without volunteers. Volunteers donate time, talents and energy to ensure the hungry are fed, sick cared for, environment improved, disasters managed.

We appreciate and encourage volunteers to join our blood donor stream and donate blood to wipe off the blood shortage and availability of safe and healthy blood round the clock.

Our focus is to enhance community infrastructure through improved education, access to more advanced medical treatment, increased economic opportunities, and other community awareness based initiatives.

Acting as a catalyst, creating partnerships among volunteers and communities, VOP has developed into a network of people helping all over Pakistan.

With your continued help, we hope to turn 200 into 2000, 2000 into 20,000 until the concept of volunteering becomes a worldwide phenomenon.


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